What’s my body shape and how to style my shape?

One of my most enjoyable tasks in our business is styling women and see them change their outlook on their appearance. 

So many women have asked for my help as they were not sure what style of clothing suited them, some may know what their body shape is but they are just not sure what to wear or how to highlight the good ‘bits’ and more importantly, hide the less liked ones! 

 I have continually been amazed at how many of us girls have self body loathing and really only focus on the areas they dislike the most, sadly some even refuse to look in the mirror. However regardless of body shape, wether your are a size 6 or size 20 clothing can make you feel beautiful, elegant and even a little sexy.

It’s been my challenge to study the female form and clothing styles and then share my knowledge with our customers, so they can feel and look beautiful by styling them to suit their individual body shapes. It is so incredibly rewarding seeing a girl, who after styling, looks at herself and maybe, just maybe, might start liking the reflection she sees in the mirror.

I have had girls hug me, cry and just be amazed when I have shared a little style secret and dressed them to suit their shape. Comments like “I can’t believe how good it looks, or I never would have chosen that but it looks great”!! Recently I had a lady return with a bunch of flowers as for the first time in a long time she felt confident in her outfit, but those stories I’ll save for another blog. 

 So what is your body shape? Styling 101 starts with knowing you body shape and there are 4 basic body shapes. You can do all the squats and burpees you like, eat a well balanced diet, or even just lettuce and water haha .. but whilst dieting and exercise can certainly help, at the end of the day your body shape is something you can’t change so you have to learn to love it and learn how to dress it in a way that makes you feel amazing. 

So ladies, let’s briefly discuss the four 4 basic body shapes and how to dress for each shape.

The Hourglass, the Pear, the Apple and the Banana.

The Juicy Apple, also known as the inverted triangle 

14% of women are Apple Shape. This shape is top heavy with broad shoulders, big bust and carrying some weight around your middle. You also have slim hips and the plus side is usually Apples have really great shapely legs.

The key to dressing the Apple is to balance the broad shoulders, back and chest areas by choosing garments that add fullness or curves to the hip and behind area. This in turn creates a more defined waist, or at least the illusion of a waist that has long seen better days, just ask me as I am an Apple. 

Clothes best suited for an Apple are:

  • V-necks, boat or deep cut necklines tops.
  • Tailored Jackets which nip in at the waist
  • Little wrap tops which tie around the waist
  • Boleros which serve to create the illusion of a waist
  • Soft and flowy swing jackets which fall softly off the shoulders and past the hips
  • Long flowy vests
  • Flowy off the shoulder tops
  • Pants and skirts
  • High waisted full circle skirts look best on the apple
  • Pants with a flair, wider leg which adds fullness and serves to balance the broad shoulder look. A belted tie or band softly draped to one side, draws the eye down and creates a slimmer look.
  • An empire line dress gathered under the bust look fabulous on Apples.
  • Apples can also wear Kaftans beautifully!
  • Shift dresses that fall off the shoulders and away from the body, hides a multitude of sins too !! 

The Booty-Babe Pear 

20% of women are this shape. This shape has larger hips and small delicate shoulders. Your hips are bigger than your bust so shake that bootie girl!

Show off those gorgeous shoulders is your Modus Operandi, your bare shoulders will take away the attention from your hips. Go for off the shoulder type tops and dress’s which nip in at the waist and flair out over the hips. A-line skirts show off your great waist and will disguise the hips. It’s all about highlighting the good points girls! Try embellished tops by creating focus to your upper body.

Flared pants, boot cut jeans are also great for you, as they will draw attention from the hip and add volume to the hem creating a seamlessly proportioned figure.


The Hourglass 

Yep that’s right, just 8% of have that Marilyn Monroe hourglass figure… the one one with all the curves in all the right places. Get outta town!!!!  

And here we are all busting our butts (if only it were that easy 😉 ) trying to be one. Go figure !! Pardon the pun.

Seriously the hourglass can wear almost anything she likes, her goal is to emphasise all her gorgeous curves and not hide them. Go girl, the world of fashion is your oyster.   


The Rectangular, also known as Banana shape (getting hungry yet?)

46% of women are this shape. Rectangular shapes have equal hips and shoulder, with little or no waist and make up almost half of the female population.

Here’s the thing for rectangular shapes, you need to highlight the thinnest part of your waist so that your bust and hips will appear more proportionate.

Embellished tops, ruffles, lace frills and fullness around the bust area will make the waist look shapelier.

Grab yourself a little wrap top to tie around the waist. Mini skirts look amazing on you and will highlight your slim, gorgeous legs!

Little tunic dresses like fashion model Twiggy wore would also look stunning on you. Small cut-outs or shading of colour around the waist area in dresses create the illusion of a waist and instantly give you curves. Tapered pants or genie style pants will also serve you well.


Girls, we have all been given one body. We may not like it at times but let’s focus on the good, hide the bits we don’t like with pretty lace, adjust our crown, walk tall and and strut our stuff.


Until next time!

Blessings Tamara xxx


Founder of Purity Lace Designs

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