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??Have You Seen Our Maternity Collection???

The moment you know you’re expecting is the beginning of¬†falling in love with a human you are yet to meet! ¬†That indescribable feeling of life inside you is bound to be a journey of elatement,¬†joy,¬†discomfort, mood swings and cravings! But the blessings of motherhood is truly special and a baby-bump¬†featured photoshoot is the perfect way to flaunt your mummy tummy while feeling like a beautiful goddess!

We appreciate¬†how special this time is for mums-to-be so¬†we have come up with some truly beautiful and floaty¬†garments to leave you feeling gorgeously comfortable in your changing figure! As always, each piece¬†features our signature angel wing so that you ‘May Always Have An Angel By Your Side’.

Pure Goddess Dress


Sunset Lace Duster


 Santorini Dress

Santorini Dress (Pre & Post-Pregnancy)


Rosie Lace Dress


Moroccan Lace Dress

Italian Romance Jacket (used as a gown)



Frynee Lace Tunic

Gatsby Flapper Pants with Elastic Lace Waistband


Sunrise Lace Duster Dress


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