Giving Kids Hope!

Give Kids Hope

One of the core beliefs of the team at Purity is that we believe in empowering women of all ages, and being a blessing to children to enable them to have a better life. We believe in people, making a difference to people and showing love and compassion to as many people as we can.

Purity have teamed up with Stephen Darby and the team at ‘Give Kids Hope‘ to make a positive difference and empower young children, to equip them to change the course of their life and enable them to pass on the blessing to others.

Hope Kids Home is located in the province of Chiang Rai, North Thailand. It is currently home to 30 girls, who have all come from “at risk” situations where they had no hope or future. Some of the situations these children come from are so traumatic that it takes a team of compassionate carers to bring a sense of safety and comfort back to these kids.

Hope Kids Home is a loving, caring place filled with love. Children who would otherwise have no hope of a good future are finding a positive environment where dreams and visions come alive. The children grow up in a loving Christian home and are given a proper education so they can grow up blessed and fulfilled with hope, faith and vision.

We Have A Golden Opportunity to help these children. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing you have rescued a child from drug addiction, prostitution or poverty.

Give Kids Hope is a “Full Care Facility” which means everything is provided for the children including accommodation, all meals, toiletries and more. Education including school fees, uniforms, books, excursion fee, after-school tuition and much more. Health Care, a quality loving, family environment and the list goes on!

If you would like to Empower a child with a one of or ongoing donation, you can easily donate via bank transfer or even PayPal directly on their website.

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